Selecting The Perfect Prom Shoes: Guidelines On Picking Them

One of the frequently overlooked idiosyncrasy during prom preparation is the prom shoes. Usually, girls are selecting their shoes according to their prom dresses. They make sure that it is color and looks coordinated and perfectly compliments their dress.

However, its important to keep in mind that with any luck, you wont be keeping quiet in a corner all night! you’ll be spending the majority of the night dancing.  Therefore, its key to get the perfect balance of comfort and style.

Once the prom shoes are selected, never keep it in the closet. It is recommended that you try wearing it prior to the prom to become comfortable with it.  When Prom Day shows up, you’re ready to slip on your magic slippers.

Purchasing the essential prom shoes is not impossible. All you need to do is follow some tips and tricks from fashion experts. Keep in mind that your feet will look elegant and sexy, complementing with your evening dress, and make you comfortable while walking and dancing.

Some women think that wearing prom shoes is a sacrifice for them since eighty percent of the shoes for specific occasions are really uncomfortable. Though, for beauty’s sake, they will rather tolerate sore feet than look unfashionable.

Don’t feel upset; just follow these three tips to find the perfect prom shoes for you.

1. Silver sandals are ideal for semi-formal and formal dresses such as cocktail dresses and sundresses. These also compliment well with casual ones including skirts, trendy pants, and jeans. Flip-flops with black sequins go well with black prom dresses.

2. Go for dress shoes that have a soft, padded upper lining preferably in leather. If the sole of your dress shoes are very hard, put padded comfort inserts. Most traditional and online stores are selling these items.

3. Get your prom dress first. Match the prom shoes to it. Never reverse the process since it would be extremely hard to find colors that would perfectly match. However, go for complementary colors. Evening shoes that are black are very classic and work best with dark colored outfits. Go for ivory shoes instead of pure white if you are going to wear a pastel colored dress.

Always choose prom shoes that can be used even after the occasion. It would be a very wise decision. However, keep your imagination by creating your own styles. These rules are simply your way to get what perfectly fits your taste.

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