Re-Gaining Your Groove

… Your Groove!© Terri Seymour Well, the holidays are coming to a close and it is timeto get back to … It is hard to believe it is the year … after the hectic …

Re-Gaining Your Groove!© Terri Seymour Well, the holidays are coming to a close and it is timeto get back to business!! It is hard to believe it is the year 2003!!Sometimes after the hectic holidays, getting back tothe day-to-day routine of running an online businesscan be hard. If you are like me, you kind of feel like you have lost your groove or your focus and need to get back in the swing of things.A few things that may help us do this are:1. Review – Take a little time to go over 2002. What were your goals? How were you going to achieve thesegoals? Did you achieve your goals? If not, DO NOTbe discouraged. We are at the brink of a new year!Realize what could have kept you from reachingyour goals and make the necessary changes.2. Revise – Make new goals and write out a new business plan. Learn from your experiences, good and bad, and improve your outlook and success.Make note of all you did right and all you did wrong.Reform your methods for a bigger and better year!3. Repeat – Keep doing all the things that have helpedyour business to grow. Writing articles, ad swaps, ezine publishing, announcements, etc. Resume the methods and moves that have helped your business grow! 4. Reorganize – Go through all your files, folders andfigures. Throw out all the old *stuff* that hasn’t helped you in any way. Go over all your info and onlykeep what you need. Refresh your entire organization!5. Remain – Keep your focus and do not let go of yourdetermination and motivation. Remind yourself whyyou started your business and the dreams you have forit and yourself. Revitalize your dreams and goals!6. Reward – Give yourself credit for all you have doneand accomplished in 2002. Starting and running a successful online business takes a lot of work, time and commitment. It is not done overnight so be proudof the progress you made and prepare yourself for more success. Resolve to do more in 2003!7. Rejoice – Reflect on all the things in life you are blessed with – friends, family, life and all the simplepleasures. Do not dwell on mistakes you might havemade. Revel in the fact that you had the chance tomake them and can learn from them!I know that these are not *specific* tips on re-gaining your groove, but following these ideas can keep you in a better frame of mind for re-joining the Internet marketing world after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! So, let’s all re-sign ourselves to the fact that it is time to get back to business and re-turnto the everyday routine of work! ;-)I hope everyone had a Holiday Season to Remember!